General Surgery


Our surgeons specialize in minimally invasive surgery. Minimally invasive surgery implies the use of laparoscopes and/or endoscopes to perform many surgical procedures that otherwise are done in the traditional manner via an open incision large enough to complete the operation. Operations such as colon resection, abdominal wall hernia, bilateral inguinal hernias, stomach resections/biopsies, liver biopsies, spleen removal, appendectomy and many other gastrointestinal operations can be completed laparoscopically with shorter hospital stays, quicker recovery and less pain.


To learn more about laparoscopic surgery or laparoscopic weight loss surgery, make an appointment to meet with our surgeons. After you have met with the surgeon, your preparations for surgery will begin. Preparation for surgery can involve a medical work-up depending on the medical problem or the patients' health condition. Once the work-up is complete, surgey can be scheduled. We will then be in contact with you for final surgery preparations. Many operations are performed on an outpatient basis (you may go home the same day). Major operations may require a one-night stay (in-patient).