MISH is the only hospital in Kansas City specializing weight loss surgery and providing services with skilled surgeons who have been trained at nationally recognized hospitals including John Hopkins, Georgetown, and Baylor University, and who have over 40 years of experience with successful weight loss surgery accessible to everyone.MISH has a nationally recognized weight loss success rate. According to MBSAQIP statistics, our patients lose 40% more weight than others.We provide patient-centered care and education accessible from home, work, or mobile device. You will have access to educational tools and your provider to achieve success..

Patient Stories

Trina, lost 276 lbs:
*”I truly believe the Gastric Bypass saved my life. I was morbidly obese. I broke the 400 lbs mark. I could diet and lose 50-60 pounds then I would plateau and out of frustration, I would gain it all back. I suffered from high blood pressure, migraine headaches, borderline diabetic, and physical pain. In 2009 I chose to have the Surgery, my weight quickly began to fall off. The best part of losing all the weight is my son...”


Let us make you a success story

At MISH you will develop personal relationships and have continue support with providers that are accessible. We will make weight loss surgery possible, even when it seems impossible. Have you previously had weight loss surgery and have not achieved your weight loss goal? Make an appointment today to discuss possible surgical revision