Weight loss Surgery Insurance


Concerned about paying for weight loss surgery?
You don't have to be.

MISH Hospital and Clinics works with many insurance companies to make your weight loss surgery affordable and within reach. We don't want cost to stand between you and your healthier, happier new life. Our staff is well versed in the insurance language of weight loss surgery benefits and can help you understand your coverage.

Weight loss surgery is often medically necessary and at least partially covered by most insurances. Specific coverage varies by plan, so our insurance specialists look forward to helping you understand your policy.

We accept:
United Health Care
Missouri Medicaid
+and much more
(Unfortunately we do not currently accept Kansas Medicaid or replacement plans)

Call 913.322.7401 to see if your plan covers weight loss surgery. We look forward to partnering with you in your weight loss journey!

MISH Hospital and Clinics' patients lose 40% more weight 3 years after surgery compared to other Accredited centers.


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