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  Rules Class       1:00-1:45   

Support Group  1:45-2:30 

We offer a free comprehensive bariatric aftercare program and believe education is key to patient success. We perceive our job to be two-fold. First, to provide a great weight loss operation and second, to teach you how to use it correctly to keep the weight off. We want weight loss surgery to be a long-term solution to your weight loss goals.

The “Rules” Class

EVERY FRIDAY 1:00-1:45 PM             Click to join 
 The Rules are the key to each patient’s success. We recommend four of these classes during the first year after surgery. Part of your success will depend on how well educated you are about your 'tool'. The rules will teach you how to use your tool. Hunger and portion control is achievable when the rules are followed correctly.

Bariatric Support Group- MISHion Possible


Support Group will be held directly after Rules Class.  This group provides an opportunity to meet other bariatric patients and share struggles, triumphs, and efforts to change as well continued support for weight loss and weight maintenance. All discussion will be positive and motivated.  Family and friends are welcome.

*Please call the Institute for Advanced Bariatric Surgery at 913.322.7401 to confirm time and dates. 

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