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 2018 First Fridays Dates:

Jan 5th July 6th
February 2nd August 3rd
March 2nd September 7th
April 6th October 5th
May 4th November 2nd
June 1st December 7th

 Rules Class 1:00-200   (NO Rules Class 11/23/2018) 

Behavior Modification / Nutrition Class 2:00-2:45

Support Group  2:45-3:15

We offer a free comprehensive bariatric aftercare program and believe education is key to patient success. We perceive our job to be two-fold. First, to provide a great weight loss operation and second, to teach you how to use it correctly to keep the weight off. We want weight loss surgery to be a long-term solution to your weight loss goals.

The “Rules” Class

EVERY FRIDAY 1:00-2:00 PM             Click to join 
 The Rules are the key to each patient’s success. We recommend four of these classes during the first year after surgery. Part of your success will depend on how well educated you are about your 'tool'. The rules will teach you how to use your tool. Hunger and portion control is achievable when the rules are followed correctly.

Nutrition and Behavior Modification Classes 

The goal of these classes is to help patients identify and start changing their eating behaviors and lifestyle. These classes are another opportunity to learn more about ourselves and our relationship with food. The dietician and psychologist help patients learn about nutrition, how to cope with stress, assist patients in identifying and then modifying their eating behaviors as well as their lifestyle to further their health and weight loss goals.

Bariatric Patient Support Group 

Support Group meets between Nutrition and Behavior Modification and provides an opportunity to meet other bariatric patients and share struggles, triumphs, and efforts to change. All discussions occur in a very positive and motivating environment. Family and friends are encouraged to attend.

Bariatric Nutrition 101 Class (taught by IABS clinical dietician)

The goal of this class is to help patients who are struggling to understand their bodies nutritional requirements and how to meet them.  After surgery, many patients may have a hard time adjusting to the operation (particularly understanding how slowly they must eat and how small the bites must be). Although the Rules Class covers many of these points, this class allows for more one-on-one intensive education.

*Please call the Institute for Advanced Bariatric Surgery at 913.322.7401 to confirm time and dates. 

Just getting started? Attend our Weight Loss Surgery Seminar or schedule a Risk-Free Consult with our surgeons. 


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