Preparing for Surgery

Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery

Preparing for your day of surgery

  • Schedule your pre-op office visit

  • Bring the results of any medical work-up you have completed with you

  • Pre-pare for the 10 day Liver Shrinking diet (10 day liquid diet if BMI > 40)

    • Protein Shakes (very low sugar <5gm/serving)

    • Sugar Free Liquids

  • Re-read your Weight Loss Surgery Diet Guide

  • Start checking things off the Pre-Operative Check list

Don’t forget the:

  • If you have or were diagnosed with sleep apnea bring your mask and tubing with you to the hospital.

  • If you are on anticoagulants (blood thinners) and/or NSAIDs remember to stop them before surgery as instructed by your surgeon.

  • The night before and morning of your operation don’t forget the Hibiclense shower.

After Surgery 

  • Please refer to Safe use of Pain meds to help you treat your pain after surgery safely 

  • Use the Journal to help you track your fluid and protein intake during the more challenging period after surgery. 

  • For your convenience the Follow-Up schedule is here for your reference.  It explains when to follow-up in the office and what labs need to be drawn and when. 

  • Attend your first Rules Class Support group 1 month after surgery