Preparing for Surgery | EGD | Colonoscopy

You have a role in your recovery. We encourage you to utilize our Preparing for Your EGD/Colonoscopy resources to keep you better informed. Research shows that people who are well-informed about their treatment options enjoy a better outcome and are more satisfied with their results. For your convenience, and to reduce the amount of time you need to spend at the hospital to get ready for your procedure we have placed many of our forms and education materials on the web. You can complete many of these in the comfort of your own home.


Patients Preparing for Surgery 

To help you better prepare for your procedure and to reduce the stress that usually goes along with such procedures we have prepared several documents to answer the many questions that will arise once you get closer to your procedure date.

 MISH Surgery preparatory guide

      • Explains what to expect during your hospital stay

 MISH Education Videos

      • These videos are intended to provide you with basic education about what all patients should know when getting admitted to a hospital. By watching the videos at home you may be able to avoid having to come to the hospital for a pre-hospital admission visit.


      • If you are having surgery or a procedure you will likely not be allowed to eat or drink for several hours before.

 Home Medications & Health History 

      • Have a current medication list with you and always bring your medications with you when possible. Along with your medications you should also carry a brief health history summary with you, to help doctors and staff have accurate information about you.

 Anticoagulants (tylenol)

      • Most anticoagulants (coumadin, heparin, lovenox, plavix, ibuprofen...) have to be stopped before surgery.  Make sure you have informed us if you are taking any type of anticoagulant.  Please read the ANTICOGULANT PDF.

 Informed Consent
 Discharge Instructions

      • After you go home many questions will arise. Please review important question points you will want to ask your doctor or staff when going home.

 Safe Use of Pain Medication
 Ride Home

      • After administration of any type of anesthesia you will require a ride home


Patients Preparing for EGD or Esophagogastroduodenoscopy

 EGD Information sheet
 EGD Instruction sheet
 Anticoagualtion (must read if you are taking blood thinners)


Patients Preparing for Colonoscopy

 Colonoscopy information sheet
 Colonoscopy Instruction Sheet
 Colonoscopy Bowel Prep Instructions
 Anticoagualtion (must read if you are taking blood thinners)