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Infusion Center Resources

We strongly encourage you to review our Infusion Center Orientation Guide and our Resources list for chemotherapy patients. The Chemotherapy Patient Resource List is a list of local and national agencies, organizations, clubs and societies that provide education, assistance, guidance and much more to patients and families dealing with cancer.

If stress or the chemo is taking a toll on you and your family and your health, please assess yourself using the Chemotherapy Patient Psychosocial Assessment. Bring this with you the next time you see your oncologist so your medical team can help you address your concerns.
For oral chemotherapy patients we have posted a Oral Chemotherapy Patient Guide to ensure that you know what information you should readily have available to you about your oral chemotherapy medication.

If you are thinking about the future and want to prepare yourself as best as possible, and direct your care the way you want it now or in the future please read about advance directives and/or living wills below. This will give you a good general idea of what it is and how it may help you plan your life better.

 Infusion Center Orientation Guide
 Chemotherapy Patient Resource Directory
 Chemotherapy Patient Resource List
 Chemotherapy Patient Psychosocial Assessment
 Oral Chemotherapy Patient Guide
 About Advance Directives