When considering weight loss surgery, the first thing you might do is attend a weight loss surgery informational seminar. Most weight loss surgery centers will require this as a first step and will offer it free of charge. The seminar is a chance to learn all about weight loss surgery, also called bariatric surgery, and should be lead by a bariatric surgeon. This allows for in-depth conversations regarding surgery options; however much of the seminar will cover all surgery options and what to expect after surgery.

Most seminars are offered at the hospital where bariatric surgeries (weight loss surgeries) are performed. Some centers also offer an online seminar for patients not wanting, or unable, to attend in person. MISH Hospital and Clinics recognizes some individuals feel uncomfortable in a group setting, and/or prefer to begin their weight loss journey in a more individualized, personal setting. Therefore, the surgeons at MISH Hospital and Clinics also offer a free consultation as a first step to weight loss surgery.

Whether a patient chooses to start their journey with a seminar or individual consultation, they should expect to get all questions answered prior to surgery. While an online seminar is an attractive option for convenience, attending the in-person seminar is recommended to address specific questions. If a patient begins with a free weight loss surgery consultation, the seminar will still be necessary prior to surgery but may be taken online.

Once a patient is ready for weight loss surgery, they should know what to expect prior to, during and after surgery. This includes a complete guide to the foods to eat and how to eat them, as well as the support they should expect from the center that performed the surgery. To learn more about weight loss surgery seminars or consultations, call 913.322.7401. Ready to get started? Register for a free weight loss surgery seminar or consultation here.