If you've scheduled (or are considering scheduling) a weight loss surgery consultation but aren't sure what to expect from the appointment, let us help. The free weight loss surgery consultation is a zero-risk and zero-obligation opportunity for you to speak one-on-one with the surgeon who would perform the operation. Based on your individual health assessment and weight loss goals, the surgeon will explain your options and answer any questions you may have regarding surgery including what to expect before, during and after.

During the consult, the surgeon may also provide realistic expectations of success based on your individual consult. Long-term weight loss success after weight loss surgery is very achievable. Patients at MISH Hospital and Clinics actually experience 40% more weight loss long-term compared to other accredited centers. Weight loss success can vary based on the individual's ability to follow the "rules" and knowledge of how to use their new weight loss "tool". Therefore, support groups and rules classes are offered to encourage long-term success.

Finally, once it is determined that weight loss surgery is recommended and you are believed to experience weight loss success, there will be time during the consultation to review insurance coverage and financials. Our goal is to ensure you leave the consultation with all your questions answered and an individualized plan of care. We want you to feel equipped to take the next step and understand clearly what that next step will be.

For many people struggling with the disease, obesity, weight loss surgery is the tool they need to experience long-term weight loss success. We look forward to supporting you throughout your weight loss journey. To schedule your free weight loss surgery consultation, call 913.322.7401 or