Gastric Sleeve: Before and After

By: Rebecca Bennett, Clinical Dietician at MISH Hospital and Clinics' Kansas Institute of Medicine 

Gastric Sleeve

The gastric sleeve is a surgical procedure that removes about 80% of your stomach. It does not change your digestion because your small intestine/colon is not altered. Typically, you are required to follow a liquid diet to prepare your body for surgery. This helps to shrink your liver making it easier for the surgeons to perform the operations laparoscopically (only making multiple tiny incisions). 

After surgery, you will advance back to a regular diet through clear liquid, full liquid, pureed, soft and then regular diet.The expected weight loss is about 60% of your excess body weight. This means that if you are 100 lbs overweight, then you will lose 60 of those 100 lbs with the help of the surgery.


What is the gastric balloon?  

Gastric balloon

You’ve heard about the gastric balloon... but what is it exactly? How does it work? How much weight can I expect to lose?

The gastric balloon is a soft silicone balloon. The deflated balloon is inserted into the stomach through the esophagus. The balloon is filled with about 400-700 ml sterile water resulting in it being about the size of a grapefruit. The filled balloon remains in your stomach for the next 6 months before being removed. The whole process takes no more than a couple of hours and there are no overnight stays.

The balloon helps you lose 3 times as much weight as regular diet and exercise alone. A US study found average weight loss is around 34.8% of excess body weight. The balloon is not a permanent change to your body, there is no surgery, is non-invasive and best of all there are no scars! The balloon helps you lose weight by slowing digestion and encouraging portion control by taking up space in the stomach.


Meet our patient Brandy Sisk! Brandy started off at 292.8 and today her current weight is 183!

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JoAnn Mockobey Testimony

My journey has been a long, tiring, exciting time for me. I had so many emotions, thoughts, and anxiety throughout my Weight Loss experience. I hope my journey inspires others struggling with the choice of Bariatric Surgery. The Minimally Invasive Surgery Hospital helped me throughout my journey.  The entire staff is very helpful and makes sure you feel at ease. They comforted me when I was going through a hard time myself.

Karen Fetters Testimonial 

Karen Fetters CollageMy name is Karen Fetters and I have had the Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery on November 18, 2014. When I started my journey, I weighed 310 pounds and now I weigh 138 pounds. My journey has been a long and memorable one and I don’t regret a single second of it! I am a completely different person mentally, physically, and emotionally. I cannot thank Dr. Sabharwal or Dr. Kaniewski enough for saving my life and helping me become the person I am today.