Band Adjustments


We are glad to help any patient with a Lap-Band. Regardless of where or by whom you had the Lap-Band put in.

If you are in need of a fill or you are having difficulties with your Lap-Band and have not had it evaluated in a long time we are glad to help. Do not hesitate to contact our office or schedule a Band Evaluation to determine if you need a fill or deflation (adjustment).

We perform Band evaluations and adjustments under fluoroscopy. Fluoroscopy is taking real time x-rays while we adjust your band and evaluate how the contrast you are drinking is flowing down your swallow pipe and through your band. Fluoroscopy allows us to adjust your band better and determine of you need a fill or deflation. Often we can diagnose a problem while performing the study when you are having problematic symptoms.

In patients who have not been evaluated in a long time and are having a lot of difficulties, such as:

  • Eating mostly a liquid/soft diet

  • Having severe heartburn / reflux

  • Unable to eat breads/pasta/rice or red meats any longer

  • Avoiding sandwiches, steak meals or solid, dry, dense, doughy foods.

We strongly recommend a band evaluation to rule such complications as:

  • Dilated Esophagus (Stretched swallow pipe)

  • Obstructed esophagus (obstructed swallow pipe)

  • Slipped Band (stomach is now a grapefruit in size instead of a golf ball)

  • Band is too tight

  • Eroded band (band rubbed itself into the stomach wall)

Many of these potential problems can easily be diagnosed under fluoroscopy.

You can make an appointment now, or call for more information 913-322-7401