Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery

  •              Learn more about US

  •              Make an appointment for a Weight Loss Surgery Consultation

  •              Complete Registration and Patient health information forms

  •              Complete your medical work-up as instructed and the psychological evaluation

  •              Bring the forms and any health information you deem necessary to your consultation

  •              Start checking things off the Preparatory Weight Loss Surgery checklist

  •              Get help to Quit Smoking, and read about the available Treatment options

  •              Learn about Medications and Weight loss surgery

  •              Start reading your weight loss operation Diet Guide

  •              You may also want to read the Preparatory Surgery Guide

  •              Attend our Rules Class/Support Group – meet patients that already had weight loss surgery, and learn about what it takes to be successful with long term weight loss.


             Preparing for your day of surgery

  •              Schedule your pre-op office visit

  •              Bring the results of any medical work-up you have completed with you

  •              Pre-pare for the 10 day Liver Shrinking diet  (10 day liquid diet if BMI > 40)

    •              Protein Shakes (very low sugar <5gm/serving)

    •              Diet liquids

  •              Re-read your Weight Loss Surgery Diet Guide

  •              Start checking things off the Pre-Operative Check list

Don’t forget the:

  1.              Hibiclense

  2.              Food Coloring dye (blue or purple)

  3.              Vitamins

  4.              Protein Shakes (low sugar < 15gm/serving)

  •              If you have or were diagnosed with sleep apnea bring your mask and tubing with you to the hospital.

  •              If you are on anticoagulants (blood thinners) and/or NSAIDs remember to stop them before surgery as instructed by your surgeon.

  •              The night before and morning of your operation don’t forget the Hibiclense shower.



             After Surgery

  •              Use the Weight Loss Surgery path to home guide  as your recovery guide

  •              Review your Discharge Instructions

  •              Check the Discharge Medication Reconciliation list, you will obtain at the time of discharge from the hospital - for instructions on what to do with your home medications

  •              Use the Immediate Post-Op Diet instruction sheet to remind you what to eat and drink after surgery.  The Diet Guide is THE reference you should use for any questions about your diet after surgery.

  •              Please refer to Safe use of Pain meds to help you treat your pain after surgery safely

  •              Use the Journal to help you track your fluid and protein intake during the more challenging period after surgery.

  •              For your convenience the Follow-Up schedule is here for your reference.  It explains when to follow-up in the office and what labs need to be drawn and when.



Our office team works hard to help you get your weight loss operation.  There are many things that have to happen before patients are able to have surgery.  Insurance pre-authorization as many patients discover can be difficult and confusing.  Our office staff is well trained in maneuvering the insurance pre-approval process and will be there to do it mostly for you.  The intensity of the medical work-up will depend on your medical problems and current state of health.   The work-up is necessary to ensure it is safe to proceed with surgery.

Our surgeons are directly involved in their patient care.  They will be the ones you see in consultation and in preparation for your surgery.  After surgery they will continue with your follow-up care.  The surgeons also lead the aftercare weight loss surgery education programs to ensure you not only lose weight but you keep it off.

Dr. Kaniewski and Dr. Sabharwal are our bariatric surgeons.  They have been performing weight loss surgery since 2001.  In 2007 when ASMBS Center of Excellence Accreditation became available, they became an accredited weight loss surgery center and have been ever since.  Though now the program is called a Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accredited Comprehensive Weight Loss Surgery Center under ACS accreditation.  Dr. Kaniewski and Dr. Sabharwal also have the designation of Fellow of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery which may be bestowed upon any Regular Member (FASMBS) in good standing in the ASMBS. The member must also currently practice in an American College of Surgeons (ACS) accredited center which submits data to Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP) or an approved outcomes data reporting program.


Psychological evaluation

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